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Memphis Attorney Laurie W. Hall is devoted to assisting and representing individuals in complex family law matters involving cases with significant assets and income, as well as custody/parenting disputes. Laurie provides solutions to individual problems by negotiated settlement, mediated settlement, and, if required, trial.

Divorce is the most common legal action affecting families. Planning for a divorce is very important. This involves analyzing financial needs short-term and making decisions regarding one’s living situation in during the divorce process.

It also may involve short-term decisions regarding parenting and payment of child-related expenses. It is important to consult with a lawyer early on to be fully informed of your options.

A Divorce can be contested or uncontested. In Tennessee, an uncontested divorce can be completed in as few as 60 days, if the parties have no children, or 90 days with children. Regardless of whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Laurie W. Hall will advocate for your rights.

After the Complaint for Divorce is filed, the “divorce case” will generally resolve itself through either settlement negotiations between parties and/or their attorneys, through mediation, or through trial. It is critical that parties to a divorce retain competent legal counsel to advise them of the law, and guide them toward a beneficial settlement or resolution.

Child custody or “parenting time” may be an issue in your divorce, or may be a stand-alone issue. These matters include Parenting plans, modifications, parental relocation, visitation, and custody. The courts make their determinations based upon both statutory and case law. Laurie W. Hall is experienced both in the Juvenile Court and in the Circuit and Chancery courts handling child-related matters.

Child support also must be addressed in divorces or juvenile court cases involving children. Tennessee has adopted the “income shares model” for calculating child support. Although anyone can download Tennessee’s child support worksheet from the internet, it takes a Memphis lawyer experienced in child support matters to properly interpret the child support guidelines to reach the best result for the client.

Many times the litigation does not end with the divorce or juvenile court matter, and petitions are filed to modify parenting plans, child support, alimony, or other matters. This is usually instigated by the filing of a petition, and can be a lengthy and expensive process. Laurie W. Hall is experienced in post-judgment matters and will handle yours expeditiously.

Laurie handles cases that originate in Shelby, Fayette, and Tipton counties.

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